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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Services has emerged as the most powerful way to market a product online. Through Affiliate Marketing Solutions, it is possible to make thousands of dollars online in a short time.

When you click an affiliate site and purchases one of your products, you pay your affiliate a commission on the sale. It's like availing the benefit of a sales staff working on commission without losing sleep over managing employees.

If you're thinking about adding on an affiliate program to your site in order to give your market sales a boost, do contact Eweb Next™ - a leading Affiliate Marketing Company providing integrated IT solutions.

We at Eweb Next™ cater to your specific needs keeping track of your affiliates apart from helping you build on relationships with other affiliates who can aid in increasing your sales by generating leads. Supervised by a team of highly skilled experts, our affiliate program management services feature paying your affiliates and managing your affiliate programs too and thus keep you free to run the rest of your business.

The lists of services which we render under our Affiliate Marketing Services are

  1. Creation of ‘affiliates’ page
  2. Submitting affiliate program to affiliate directories and forums
  3. Setting up the affiliate infrastructure
  4. Recruiting new affiliates through personalized emails to prospective affiliates
  5. Manual affiliate application review
  6. Affiliate directories link management
  7. Replying to questions/concerns of affiliates
  8. Fraud prevention (Includes liaison with your sales team on the quality of leads received)
  9. Weekly reports