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AbanteCart is a free open source shopping cart or ecommerce platform for small to medium size business. It is designed, built and supported by experienced enthusiasts that are passionate about their work and contribution to the rapidly evolving eCommerce industry. AbanteCart is powered with a robust and expandable core platform, state of the art feature set and a efficient user interface.

What is AbanteCart eCommerce?
AbanteCart is a free eCommerce application that is designed, built and supported by experienced enthusiasts that are passionate about their work and contribution to the project. This is not commercial project and there was no rush decisions or shortcuts in this project. We like what we do, and we strongly believe that AbanteCart one of the best and state of the art eCommerce platform available. AbanteCart operated based on donations, contributions, and marketplace proceeds and advertisers financial support.

AbanteCart License
AbanteCart is under Open Software License (OSL 3.0). License details are bundled with source code package in the file LICENSE.txt. Details are also available.

AbanteCart is not a copy or fork of any other project.
Although AbanteCart architecture approach is innovative and unique in whole, AbanteCart is based on MVC model that is used by many other projects. This makes AbanteCart architecture easy to understand and follow.
AbanteCart utilize some GPL third party modules to provide familiar interfaces. AbanteCart include famous CKEditor interface for text editing and jQGrid interface for viewing and editing data list in spreadsheet like interface.

eCommerce owner's and user's benefits

eCommerce developer's and contributor's benefits

AbanteCart is connected to third party extensions market place. This provides is a great opportunity to generate additional revenue based on sales of extensions and services through AbanteCart administrator’s interface or control panel. If you set up your client to use AbanteCart or rebranded (whitelable) copy of it, you will earn solid commission on every extension or service purchase that this client does via his control panel. This is indefinite until this client still uses the AbanteCart. If you build up the client base of AbanteCart store owners, this can add up to good revenue and payback for your eCommerce support for your clients.
This feature is especially beneficial for hosting companies and eCommerce service providers.
You will need to register with market place Provider Company to be qualified for affiliate program.

Note: AbanteCart is community based project and has no responsibility for third party market place providers. Market place providers are a regular sponsors and contributors to the project.