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Cargo Tracker Software

Our Cargo Tracking software helps the shipment to satisfy its track & trace requirements. This user-friendly software enables perfect tracking of the passage of even a tiny parcel or large consignments of freight within the stipulated time frame. Furthermore, this tracking allows our customers to obtain an estimated time period of the delivery of their cargo and also the details about it being signed by the person at the other end on delivery.

This sophisticated cargo tracking software facilitates effective tracking of the individual shipments right from the time of the placement of order till the final retrieval by the consignee. Our software comes with an easy to use interface that makes it suitable for all international logistics operations, irrespective of sea or air cargo tracking. Besides, our cargo tracking system can be integrated with the CargoNet, which is the most preferred software used for freight forwarding & CHA community. This software enables the customers to easily monitor the current status of the shipments & orders by using the website.


Since, cargo tracking keeps the clients informed about the status of their consignments, they tend to bother the company less and remain satisfied. For making this task more easier, we have introduced an automatic email notification, which is simple for integrating with the system. All the CargoNet users operating in different companies can make use of our cargo tracking so as to offer highly efficient freight tracking system.


Apart from this, for the security reasons, the user can quickly access the information by User name, Log on and Password only. We keep all the information related to cargo/shipments secure, whereby, it becomes impossible for any freight forwarder to see another forwarder's shipments. But, the customers can use container numbers, the forwarders reference, their references, bill of lading numbers, house and master air waybill numbers, or the date ranges to search for their respective cargo.


Salient Features:

All the major freight forwarding companies and their clients make use of this cargo tracking software as a part of their global sourcing strategy. This tracking system is suitable for efficiently tracing and tracking the shipments from the time of its dispatch till its final retrieval.