Sarika Mehta Cookery Classes

Sarika Mehta Cookery Classes was started in year 2007 with a clear vision of bringing up the cakes craft and culinary art with in the individual. Sarika Mehta is a expert baker and a cake decorator. She is not only known to sugarcraft world but a expert in culinary world too.

Sharing her enthusiasm and love for sugarcraft is one of Sarika’s obsessions. Sarika not only finds teaching and demonstrating hugely satisfying but she also gains a true insight into what her students find tricky or daunting which she then uses to inspire her teaching. Creating cake really does give meaning to our lives. There’s something about making, baking and cake decorating that puts everything into its natural and rightful place, a way of celebrating or just getting together – gathering to enjoy and smile, eat and share. Sugarcraft is the perfect ‘icing’ on this experience – where we can capture our feelings and put them down in sugar.

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